Basically this is a way to give back to a sport I’ve really come to love… Long Range & Precision Shooting. A few things about me might help you understand this site better for after all like most things you do, it is a reflection of yourself! First… I’ve only gotten into long range shooting about a year ago and in fact shooting a couple of years ago AFTER* I retired! So for you old guys out there, don’t hesitate doing things you always wanted to do! As of this writing I’m 59 and counting. Second… I am a perfectionist for better or worse. Near enough is NOT good enough in my bones! One of my favorite stories about the back of a cabinet by a personal hero of mine Steve Jobs, is a great example of that. Yes life does force you to compromise but trust me, I only do so with great consideration and purpose! Third… I research EVERYTHING! My favorite device in not my rifle but my iPad. I live with it happy by my side and use it to look up anything and everything that catches my fancy. Yes the internet is not just for porn and is NOT just Facebook! I rarely impulse buy things and shopping with me can drive my wife nuts but when she has learned to trust me. Perhaps you will too! Forth… This about fun in the end! Shooting in general and long distance precision shooing seems to calm me and puts a smile on by face at the end of the day. Fifth… I want to get better! This sport always leaves room for improvement and learning. Best methods evolve, technology improves and old wives tales get put to rest. All things I love about this sport! I love to learn and improve! I hope you can befit from my experiences and through your comments help contribute to the conversation presented here. If I’m wrong, correct me. If you think you have a better way, tell me/us! Just remember just because we are not face to face is NOT an excuse to be rude. If you can’t control yourself I will do something I truly hate to resort to, censor/delete your “contribution”. *I did shoot in the Navy but trust me qualifying .45, shot gun and M-14 was a joke! For the most part you just had to not shoot yourself! lol