Ok, some of you might already know this trick but I had to stumble onto finding it on my own. I was looking for one of those clip-on lights you can mount to your ball cap, doing my usual research (yes god help me on a $10 item, but hay that me). Than I was thinking hay maybe I could use the free belt clip that came with my 5.11 penlight when I bought it, to mount it to my hat. Before I even went to the draw full of this kind of stuff I never use, I got a second even better idea! Wonder if I could use the clip that was already on the penlight, hmm… Time to experiment! While it’s orientation is in the wrong direction for this, it happens that you can untwist the rear cap, remove the clip and because the front of the penlight is tapered, reverse the direction by mounting it on the other end. Push it on a bit and it will hold nicely without letting go. Got my ball cap and clipped it on and it works! I found mounting it on top of the visor to be best and at least on my Mil-Spec Monkey ball cap fit perfectly. See pictures below… I don’t know what other penlights this will work with as the taper on the 5.11 penlight is what allowed this to work for me. If you have one that also works, add yours to the comments! Remember the best equipment for the job is often the one you actually have on you!
UPDATE: There are some penlights that have “two-way clips” on them. This will allow you to mount them to your ball cap, however you won’t have the satisfaction of doing the “trick”. Here is a list of a few of them (NOT reviewed or rated mine you): 
  • Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA, Dual Fuel High Lumen Tactical Light
  • Streamlight ProTac 2L-X: Dual Fuel, High Performance Tactical Light (a bit big mind you)
  • Coast HS5 Pure Beam Focusing Pocket Light
Other penlights with simple over the body clip-on clips with constant diameter flashlight bodies should/might work also. As before feel free to to add your favorite in the comments!

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