I bought this scope to pair with my CZ 455 chambered in .22LR. While it was the second scope I purchased, in many ways it was my first “real” scope. Boy did I research it before I got it. At the time the street price was around $550 but found that Camera Land up in Long Island NY, had a unique version that they partnered with Vortex with for around $450. The partnership with Vortex makes them a go to place for any Vortex scope. Later when it was replaced with the 2nd generation version (spring of 2017), Camera Land still was beating everywhere else with an amazing discounted price $299. I was almost tempted to buy a second one! Oh and no I don’t work for, know anyone at or get a kick back from them! lol So the good, bad and the good to know… first the good:
  • Vortex Warranty! Although I have not yet had the misfortune to make use of it, the is example after example you can find on the web of people singing it’s praises. Good on them!
  • Great glass! No it’s not up there with the $1k+ scopes BUT like most things Vortex, it’s damn close for half the price.
  • The turrets while not Nightforce, are very repeatable and hold a box test well. You can reset the zero on them (see the bad) but no zero stop. Tall caps make them much easier to actually use and is the only way to go!
  • Side knob parallax turret, you will never go back to one on the objective lens if that is where you are coming from.
  • Zoom range is great!
  • Good elevation range which is alway a consideration when shooting long range no matter what the caliber!
The bad:
  • Zoom ring while smooth is hard to dial and will require a cat’s tail.
  • Parallax only goes down to 50 yards which in the end is not a real problem for me but I can see for some shooting .22 to be a problem. Appleseed shooters beware!
The good to know:
  • The reticle. While the reticle is fine in and of it’s self, you can’t match the reticle to the turrets. I would have loved a mil/mil combo but MOA turrets are all that is offered. So I went with the BDC as a mil/moa combo just does not make sense to me. The manual and Vortex’s LRBC feature on their website helps make the BDC increments somewhat useful for the caliber and range your shooting at. A better solution is to use the Strelok Pro app for either the iPhone or Android. Oh and no illumination but have not really missed it.
  • Second focal plane. For the price and what you get, something have to give!
  • The method used to re-index the turrets to zero could be a bit more protected from doing it while dialing your dope by mistake. Have only done it twice but once is enough to go… Fuck Me!
  • Turrets are capped but again for the price not a big deal. I just leave the elevation cap off all the time and usually do hold overs for windage anyway.
  • 30mm tube size. I prefer this size but if you don’t beware!
So all in all, especially for the price a great scope for mid to long range shooting. I’m a big fan of Vortex and the company with every update to their scope line keeps me coming back! For more information visit the Vortex website.